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Friday, November 27, 2009

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Reviews Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

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Platform: Windows

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Product Details
The Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 Software for Windows s an intuitive, yet powerful, consumer image editing application for Windows. The software is designed in a way that anyone can use it, bringing the legendary power of Photoshop into the hands of even the most casual photographer.The software features tools that let you organize images into albums, retouch photos, create digital photo albums and share your photos with friends and family. A membership to the Photoshop.com is included, giving you 2GB of online storage for pictures and videos. You can share your Online Albums via a personalized URL, allowing you to view your galleries from anywhere with an Internet connection. Pictures automatically sync between your computer and your online account.

* Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 combines power and simplicity so you can easily go beyond the basics to tell great stories with your photos
* Make your photos look extraordinary with easy-to-use editing options--whiten teeth, recompose photos, remove unwanted elements and more
* Share your stories in beautiful, personalized print creations and web experiences, and share on popular devices
* Easily manage and protect all your photos and video clips from one convenient place
* Enjoy automatic online backup with 2GB of free storage, and access your photos and videos anywhere you are

* Platform: Windows
* Media: DVD-ROM
* Item Quantity: 1

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Reviews Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

This is a fantastic photo editor and organization solution. I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews. I had no problems at all. If there was one thing I would change, it would be to have two different launchers. One for the standard splash screen to select edit or organize and one launcher for the editor only. You can get around this by right-clicking on a photo file and select 'Open with' (Vista) and choosing the Photoshop editor.

This review assumes some familiarity with digital photography and digital image concepts, and some previous exposure to other PSE versions.

-No issues with PSE 8 installation on a computer with a recent Windows 7 upgrade running on a dual-core 3 GHZ processor with 4 GB of RAM. Because the upgrade to Windows 7 on this machine a month earlier was complicated by the versions of other Adobe products, this was an area of concern. Those problems --resolved by eventually upgrading Acrobat to version 9 in conjunction with the Windows 7 install-- happily remained dormant during the installation of PSE 8.

-At install, PSE 8 recognized that PSE 6 was already installed. It did not force an uninstall of version 6, but eventually prompts to select which version to use. I selected PSE 8, and uneventfully completed the PSE 6 uninstall later. The install routine advises you that you may uninstall the earlier version at any time, but that you will have to select which version to run.

-The license for this product permits installation on one primary and one "mobile" computer, with the restriction not to use PSE 8 on both computers at the same time.

-Total installation time (including entering the registration code and skimming the EULA) was less than 10 minutes.

Function and features:
-The interface, function and features of PSE 8 will be familiar to users of versions 6 and 7. The .psd files are still manipulated using layers and selection tools, the complete spectrum of image effects ("filters") remain, and the image enhancement and editing tools remain available essentially unchanged from the last two versions (along the ability to save in wide range of digital file formats).

-PSE 8's organizing function recognized and indexed (which it calls "importing") my existing 38000+ digital images with some help. Windows users who store images in a location other than the default "My Pictures" location under your user name, will have to prompt PSE 8 where to find their pictures.

-PSE 8 recognized the scanner on my system, and immediately allowed my to import scans using both the scanner's proprietary interface (Epson software) and WIA (Windows Image Acquisition, the successor to the TWAIN image acquisition standard) options.

-Output to the printers on my system was trouble-free. Accepting the default printing options yielded fine results, but advanced options for those who like to tweak are readily available.