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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Antivirus Norton Internet Security 2010 1-User/3PC

Norton Internet Security 2010 1-User/3PC

Products by Symantec

Platform: Windows Vista / XP

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Product Details

* Platform: Windows Vista / XP
* Media: CD-ROM
* Item Quantity: 1

* Norton Internet Security 2010 delivers fast and light comprehensive online threat protection, guarding your PC, network, and your identity without slowing you down
* Gives you greater insight into downloaded applications and files by telling you where they came from, if they can be trusted, and how they may impact your PC’s resources and performance
* Warns you of dangerous web sites and suspicious sellers so you can surf and shop online with confidence
* Stops online identity theft, viruses, spyware, bots and more--guard your PC, online activities, and your identity against all types of Internet threats
* Proactively blocks hackers and prevents dangerous software from downloading to your computer when you surf the web

# Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces
# Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

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Reviews Norton Internet Security 2010 1-User/3PC

I installed the software on two PCs so far...one a Vista Ultimate having no existing security software, and the other a Windows XP with McAffee's product. The installer suggested removing the McAffee product (which I did) and the installation was similarly uneventful on both of my systems from there on. It does force a reboot, and between the initial install plus downloading any updates, it took longer than I expected - about half an hour end to end.

As for performance, there is a slight (but noticeable) increase in the reboot time when Norton starts up - perhaps an extra 30 seconds total. And if you're sensitive to performance, you can also tell when the product is updating virus signatures in the background, or performing one of its quick virus scans.

The good trend seems to continue this year as well.

Installation: Installation was very quick similar to NIS2009. It does require a restart which seems to be the case for most virus protection software. Norton for some reason wants us to download and install parental control separately. just a hazel. If you are an existing NIS user you can upgrade from Norton's upgrade website before deciding to purchase the new version. The upgrade will retain your 2009 subscription and your license will be retained as well. NOTE: If you install from CD, your old license will be over written.

Performance: I don't think NIS2010 is a resource hog. Norton also has performance meters where you can check how much of the system resources are being used by Norton. It seems NIS 2010 uses most system resources only during a complete scan. NIS2010 upgrade virus signatures on the background during idle time just like NIS2009. So you dont feel that it exists. Quick scans during idle times also seem to be pretty quick. I havent noticed any loss of performance in the one week that I have been using NIs2010.

Virus protection: Based on tests by PC world and CNET Norton is only behind the not well known G-DATA internet security in virus detection. I havent used G-DATA so I cant compare them. However, NIS has gotten better at malware detection. It did detect a number of malware that adaware and other security software that I use (e.g. Advanced system care). NIS2009 missed a number of these malware.

Network protection: Although NIS claims that when NIS is installed in all PCs on your network, it can detect and keep a trusted network, it has not worked for me. NIS detected my skype phone (ofcourse didn't protect it), but didn't detect my other PC on the network that also has NIS2010 installed. I am not sure if this 'trust' is of any use to me anyway.

Internet security: Norton identified websites that you visit (amazon, bank and ccard websites for example) as trusted ones based on IP address and other data. so you can be safe you are not entering your password on a phishing website. It is very handy for me. I always look for the 'trusted' sign from both Firefox and NIS before entering my passwords.